You get a call from a client. They need to stream live out of a studio that will allow in-real-time insertion of a virtual set, or at the very least backdrop. You don’t have a green screen studio and all the kit needed to make this happen, so you Google it: green screen video production studio, Lausanne or Geneva. What you get may disappoint you, and leave you sweating.

Take a look at the reasons for using a green screen.

Feedback we get from clients and partners alike suggests that there is an inconvenient split in supply in the Lake Geneva region when it comes to green screen studios: they are either too big, and so too expensive, or too small. Who needs a giant warehouse studio for a one-person shoot in front of an autocue ? But then again, who wants to try squeezing in talent and support staff into a cramped up little cave that makes everyone feel awkward. 

Before getting into the list, let’s take you through the research process of finding a green screen studio in and around Lausanne and Geneva. 

Green Screen Studio Options

1. How do you find a video studio that meets your needs?
2. Reasons you may need a green screen studio
3. Advantages and disadvantages of green screen studios
4. Green screen studios in Lausanne
5. Green screen studios in Geneva

How do you find a video studio that meets your needs?

Image taken from the behind the scenes of a Fullframe shoot for UEFA. Using green screen by the studio.

Two main challenges await you.

At SmartCuts Creative, we are committed to making it easier for businesses and organizations to find what they are looking for in video production, live and otherwise. That’s why I put myself in the shoes of a potential client looking for video production studios in the Lausanne and Geneva region of Switzerland.

What caught my attention when I looked for a video studio in the Lake Geneva region is that what is commonly called a “video studio” is actually a video production space, and often a place where the main focus is post production. I was directed to production companies that provide a professional service in video and animation, each with its own particularities (specializing in marketing and communication or advertising; highlighting live production …) and the term “studio” covers all these production services, without a physical studio space being part of the search results thrown up.

I also saw these issues appear on Sortlist, a comparison website we appear on that features “the 10 best video studios in Lausanne”.


This is, of course, because many video production companies and creative agencies call themselves “studios”, even when they do not actually have a studio on their premises. So the first hurdle you encounter when searching for a physical space to shoot in is this mixed identity. The other issue is that, when it comes up in SERPS (search results provided by a search engine like Google) a real, physical studio space often turns out to be a music recording studio. Whoops!
I also saw these issues appear on Sortlist, a comparison website we appear on that features “the 10 best video studios in Lausanne”.

Clearly if you’re in a hurry to find a “video” recording studio, this kind of thing will be frustrating. So here’s a tip: include the words green screen in your search. Music studios and creative agencies will not have those keywords listed, unless they actually have a green screen. Chances are, if they do, they’ll have, or at least have access to, a video studio of some kind.  

Why you might be searching for a video production company

Team 120 min 06

When a client wishes to produce a video inside a studio, it is because she/he is looking to film a subject or an object in an enclosed, soundproofed place, with a plain or personalized background, and specific adapted lighting. Through the use of a green screen, the subject or object can be inserted on the background of your choice, without having to move to a specific location. The scenery can also change during the video, and even during a live event! The green screen is therefore the ideal background inside a studio, because it allows absolutely everything to be done in post-production.

Whether it is to shoot an interview, insert animation in the background of a video filmed in the studio, record training or educational videos, film objects for an advertisement or a product demonstration, organize a conference, a live or rebroadcast webinar, a studio with a green screen is the perfect venue. So it’s no surprise that they are in high demand, and yet, as you’re about to find out, finding one that suits your needs may be tougher than you thought. 

Advantages and disadvantages of green screen studios

Green screen studios, also known as chroma key studios, have become increasingly popular in the film and video production industry. The Lake Geneva Region in Switzerland is no exception, offering a range of green screen studios. However, like any other film production tool, green screen studios have both advantages and disadvantages. 

Here are some of the advantages of green screen studios:

  • Flexibility: Green screen studios allow for a high degree of flexibility in post-production. Producers can change the background and add special effects to enhance the visual experience for the audience. 
  • Cost-effective: The use of green screens can be a cost-effective way to produce a high-quality video without having to pay for expensive location shoots.
  • Consistent lighting: Lighting can be precisely controlled, ensuring consistent lighting throughout the shoot. This eliminates the need for multiple takes to correct lighting issues, saving time and money.

Here are some of the disadvantages of green screen studios:

  • Technical challenges: Green screen production can be technical and challenging, requiring specialized software and hardware. The technical requirements can be difficult to master, especially for new and inexperienced producers. 
  • Complex post-production: The post-production process can be complex and time-consuming, requiring specialized skills and knowledge. This can add to the overall cost of production and impact the final quality of the video.

While green screen studios can be a cost-effective and versatile tool, they also present technical challenges. Producers should carefully consider the various studios before renting a studio in the Lake Geneva Region. 

Green screen video & photo production studios in the Lausanne area

Here’s an overview of the video production studios you can hope to find in the Lake Geneva region. Lausanne is home to several green screen studios that cater to the film and video production industry. These studios offer a range of services, from basic green screen setups to fully equipped, state-of-the-art facilities. 

In general, the prices for renting a green screen studio in the Suisse Romande area (French-speaking Switzerland) can vary depending on the specific studio, its location, and the services it offers. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from 300 CHF to 1500 CHF or more per day for a green screen studio rental. 

It’s also important to factor in additional costs such as equipment rentals, lighting, and post-production services, as these can significantly increase the overall cost of the production.

VPS Prod in Lausanne

vpsprod lausanne green screen studios

Looking for a studio with production services included, I very easily found the company VPS Prod in Lausanne, which is equipped with a 100m2 film set fully equipped with a green screen. They mention that clients can shoot in their ‘green box’ with or without their team. This production company also provides a full production and post-production service in several fields. For their rates, contact them via their website.

Still in Lausanne, the company offers video production service with a green screen, in a studio or at the customer’s location. They also provide all kinds of video production in various fields. For example, everything from drone videography to voice overs. Situated right beside Lausanne’s train station, the studio’s location is ideal. 

videoprod greenscreen studio

Studio D5 in Le-Mont-sur-Lausanne

studio D5 le mont sur lausanne green screen studio

Slightly above Lausanne, you’ll find Studio D5. It’s not necessarily a green screen studio, but green sheets can be placed on walls to create the studio. The studio measures 200m2 by height; 750 m background, 12 meters of white wall. On top of their studio, they offer a lighting and camera rental service. There’s also the possibility of rental with a photo assistant. A catering service is available and there’s a mobile canteen for up to 40 people. The studio is rented at least by the day. 

SmartCuts Creative

In my research I also found SmartCuts, of course. A good thing too, given our studio has become one of our star attractions.

We’re very proud of our video production studio in Bussigny, near Lausanne, because it is unique in Switzerland. It has a 360 ° green screen with modular partitions thanks to black curtains on a 360-railing system. During the peak of the pandemic we ran plenty of virtual events out of it, but we have since also used it for countless presentation shoots, interviews, music video shoots, corporate videos, product demos, video ad shoots, photo shoots and much more. 

green screen 4

Take the virtual tour of our studio. Learn more about virtual tours here.

The size of the studio

The advantage of a 360° green screen (2 walls of 4m71 in width and 2 walls of 7m76 in length. The floor of the studio is fully green, but black carpets can be rolled out if your production has no need of a full green screen immersion) is that absolutely anything is possible. Have you ever dreamed of walking on water? Of flying in the clouds? Okay, this is a little eccentric, and it’s probably not the kind of video production you’re looking for for your business. But it is an image to encourage you not to limit your ambitions. Our studio motto is “Break the Box” which is a fitting image to say that, even though you are actually within the walls of our studio, you can be anywhere else in the eyes of your viewers.

We fitted the ceiling of our studio with professional, custom-made lighting. First, we attached lights to illuminate the green screen to remove any shadows that might disrupt the background overlay, then we fitted the track ceiling with fully adjustable lighting to provide the best lights for your subject (pantograph suspended system with Aputure 300D spotlights). The studio also comes equipped with an XLR audio jack that you can plug a camera into and a mobile, suspended boom mic at the other end. We can, of course, add many more if need be, but this is the basic package when you go for a dry hire. 

For wet hire

For wet hire, we can provide as many cameras as you need, as well as a large studio teleprompter (autocue), multiple comfort monitors (screens), screens for PowerPoint presentations with pointer and the possibility of recording the session, as well as the talent presenting. We can also provide a fully professionally-equipped control room, with a VMix equipped workstation, digital sound deck, IEM and more. 

When you hire our studio, you also get access to an eating area, where you and your guests can settle in for lunch (we provide catering upon request. Otherwise there are plenty of take-outs nearby), a public lounge, near the studio entrance, an upstairs private hanging lounge, where you can follow what’s going on in the studio via a large hanging screen and/or do video-conference calls, meetings etc. You also get access to a fridge and microwave in a fully-equipped kitchen.

Green screen video & photo production studios in the Geneva area

You’d think with all the international action going on in Geneva it would be simple to find a green screen video production studio, and yet this isn’t so. Mihai Bivol, a video specialist at Charlescannon, based in Geneva, ended up calling SmartCuts to rent our studio near Lausanne because he simply couldn’t find anything decent in the Geneva metropolitan area. « Sure, there are studios in the area, but when you scratch the surface, you realize they really don’t cut it, all the more so when you’re looking for a green screen.” 

320 Studio in Geneva

320 studio geneve green screen studio

With this studio located in the Geneva area, 320 Studio offers various amenities and spaces. They have a makeup and hair zone, changing rooms, and a meeting room of brainstorming ideas. But this isn’t a green-screen studio, though they have colored backgrounds on offer for CHF 150 per roll of 2.75m wide. The studio can be rented from CHF 300 for 4 hours up to CHF 900 for 13 hours. 


In central Geneva, you’ll find a video production agency called Bluevista. This isn’t a green-screen studio either, but they can set up a large green screen for you. Due to their mobile green screen background, they explained to me that they can therefore place their green screen wherever they want. That could be locally for the client, even in their office space. They come with all necessary equipment: Green backdrop, lighting, 4K camera, HF tie microphone and a prompter. For rates, they urge potential clients to contact them via their website. 

bluevista green screen studio geneva


Finally, MediaGo has their GoStudios located in Gland, between Lausanne and Geneva. The GoStudios is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment for video productions. It’s a 170m2 studio that can be transformed into a green screen studio. They broadcast and livestream virtual events, and create more traditional productions for branded content. Additionally, their team installs and builds a ‘green screen studio’ with green sheets directly at the location of the client’s choice. To discover their rates, they urge clients and producers to get directly in touch. 


There you have it. That’s our take on the video production studios in the region at which you can hope to do some filming on green screen. As you can see, it is hard to find the Goldilocks sweet spot in terms of size, cost and amenities. Additionally, I found that there is a limited number of green screen studios. Rather, there are green screens made available by production companies in the Lake Geneva region. Some of those include AWA Studio and Cornland Studio, both based in Geneva. That’s why we decided to build a 360 degrees green screen studio at our spacious office in Bussigny, near Lausanne, in Switzerland.

In the past few weeks, we have had various projects happen in our studio from explainer videos for the International Testing Agency to a sustainability project with the Canton of Valais. The 360 degrees studio space in Switzerland presents you with endless possibilities. Beyond our studio space, you can visit our video & animation page, as well as our design & branding page for the chance to take a look at all of our services. We’ll always be available for you to contact us if you want to discuss any of your ideas. 

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