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Recent Project in AI video production – case study

NESTLE end-of-year video

Corporate Video for NESTLE

For the second year running, Fullframe Creative has collaborated with Hogarth Worldwide to produce Nestlé’s end-of-year video. This B2E video is a message from the CEO to all Nestle employees. Last year, AI was all the rage and so it had to feature in this production.

AI is making waves everywhere, including in the field of video production. For corporate video, it can help cut down on costs and production time, but in a case like this, that wasn’t the goal. Instead, AI was used to make this video stand out visually, showing off what AI can do. In video production, AI can literally create visuals from scratch, either filling voids or overlaying ontop of existing video. This technology is going to make just about everything one an dream of possible in video production.

Recent Project in Corporate video production – case study

BOBST company film

Corporate Video for BOBST

BOBST, in Mex near Lausanne Switzerland, is a regular customer of Fullframe Creative’s. We produce many videos for this Swiss multination packaging company each year, including this one promoting the 80th anniversary of a machine line called Folder/Gluers.

We wanted to avoid the classic approach to this kind of video, i.e. shoot 2-3 interviews and integrate the highlights with cutaway images. With a scenario that links trail running in the mountains and the relationship between a Bobst representative and his customers, we create a parallel with this video that is not only captivating in terms of visuals, but also in terms of emotion. This video is a good example of how corporate video can be creative.

Recent Project in Animated video production – case study

ILO Explainer Animation

Animation for ILO

Fullframe Creative has been providing ILO with video and animation since 2015. This latest production was translated into 8 languages and showcases ILO’s work in social security around the world.

This project is an excellent example of how animation can be used to make an explainer video that needs to be accessiblye to people of many different cultures and languages. For one thing, animated characters are generic, so we avoid having to cast people from multiple ethnicities to make sure no bias is suggested. For another, animation means we don’t need to source video footage from far and wide, which can quickly get very cost and complicated, not to mention time-consuming.

Read ILO’s recommendation letter for SmartCuts Creative.

Recent Project in Corporate video production – case study

Argos Inspections & Technologies showreel

Showcase Video for Argos Inspections & Technologies

This video was mandated by Argos Inspections & Technologies, based in Geneva. The firm provides cutting edge services in stock surveillance and commodities trading facilitation. It needed a compelling video for its website and promotion on social media.

Gathering footage was the challenge. With its activities spread out around the world, it was going to take a lot of time and money to gather footage from all sites, so we ended up collaborating with staff on location to shoot for us. That poses certain problems, but mixed in with appropriately selected stock footage, the result can be compelling. Creating
corporate video like this is a good alternative to animation, which is another way of avoiding having to shoot footage far and wide.

Recent Project in social media video production – case study

The Global Fund

Social Media Video for the Global Fund

Fullframe Creative regularly produces social media video for the Global Fund. These videos hinge on stock and archival footage, as well as animated typography, to get a message across in a clear, concise way.

Social media video, as we all know, needs to be short and pithy. Global Fund opts for shorts without a voice over, just music and on-screen text to communicate. Our mission is to make all the visuals tell the story as well, making sure they are both relevant and appealing. This can be a challenge depending on the themes and what parts of the world the footage must come from. If our archives don’t contain video from there, we need to find it online, and that isn’t always easy, but we are signed up with the best stock footage websites, so most of the time, we can find what we need.

Recent studio video production – case study


Corporate Video for NAGRA KUDELSKI

This video was shot on green screen in our studio in Bussigny, just outside Lausanne. We did the post-production with stock footage and some elements provided by Nagra Kudelski.

Sometimes you need video without having the time, or money, to gather broll for it. Depending on length, you can just have a talking head and swap between a close and medium shot, but that does get dull after a while. Inserting a bit of stock footage can work well, but picking out the right shots, to avoid clichés and that air of fakeness, can be tricky. That was our mission for this B2E video. At Fullframe Creative we have a large video archive of our own, but we also rely on Shutterstock and other online banks of video footage.

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