An explainer video develops an idea, concept, problem or solution in a quick, clear and easy to understand way through graphics, text and animated images. Several studies regarding explainer videos have been conducted for marketing and business strategies. Primarily, it’s important to note that 85% of marketers credit video as an effective way to get online attention. For now, videos are the #1 media content type that is used regardless of the industry. Video is able to generate immediate results. For example, if you use video in your email marketing, you’ll have a 96% higher click-through rate. So, videos are effective, but why are explainer videos great for brands? Essentially, explainer videos can speed up decision-making processes from clients and customers. 80% of customers start deciding on purchase from watching YouTube videos about the product or service. 

In this article, we will be looking more closely at explainer video production. More specifically, we will show you types of explainer videos for different industries so that you have a better understanding of the various possibilities. Most people think that explainer videos have to be animated or whiteboard animation. However, that’s not always the case. Last year, FMC needed an animated video to allow visitors to its HQ in Geneva, Switzerland, to learn about safety and security rules. We advised our client to go for an alternative video concept, with in-situ re-enactments, hosted by a presenter to drive home the key points. You can take a look at the video here. Now, let’s get onto explainer videos

Explainer video production

1. What are explainer videos
2. The benefits of explainer videos
3. Industries that should use explainer videos
4. Example explainer videos for certain industries
5. Podcast recommendations 

What are explainer videos ? 

So what are explainer videos? An explainer video is a video that tells, in an easy and brief way an idea, a product or a service. They typically answer these questions: what is it and what is it for? The idea is that these videos can transform a complicated message into a simple one so that the concepts can be understood by and for everyone. Being brief, the content is transmitted faster and can reach a larger target audience.

Explainer videos work best when they last up to one minute, although they could be extended up to 120 seconds, depending on the need of the company, product or service. Additionally, its application is increasingly widespread in the commercial, educational and business world because it is much cheaper than making a commercial advert. These videos can also reach many more people and improve search results. 

The benefits of explainer videos 

But why are explainer videos great for all brands, regardless of the industry? There are various advantages to producing explainer videos for your brand. From Spotify to Carakit, there are several brands and companies that implement explainer videos into their marketing campaigns and strategies. Spotify and Carakit come from different industries; one focuses on commercial goods and the other, healthcare.  

Some advantages of explainer videos include: 

  • Increase conversions – explainer videos tend to capture the audience’s attention better. This way you not only get users to get to know you better, but you are more likely to convince them to take an action which will result in more conversions.
  • Explain concepts more effectively – videos force you to be brief and concise without sacrificing quality. Using these explainer videos will improve the way you communicate things and at the same time help you do more with less.
  • Improve user experience – A satisfied user is more likely to buy again and to recommend you. Using explainer videos can significantly improve the experience a user has on your website which, indirectly, can also bring benefits in Google ranking.

Industries that should use explainer videos

There are several industries that should be focusing on producing explainer videos for their brands and businesses. We’ve curated a list here so that you can see exactly the industries that can benefit from explainer videos: 

1. Tech industries

The tech industry can be quite difficult and challenging. From internet startups, to computer software companies, explainer videos are great for the tech industry as they can help customers to understand the problem that their services solve or maybe the product they sell. 

2. Medical & healthcare industries

For companies that offer healthcare and medical services, explainer videos are popular. Why? You can improve communication with existing and potential clients. Medical companies can include explainer videos on their homepage. You can explain recent procedures or services they offer. 

3. Finance

Finance is almost like tech, where concepts may be challenging, complex and quite boring to explain. An explainer video, for finance industries, could show the value you offer as a company or the services you offer. 

4. Non-profit organisations

If you work in this industry, you will most likely have a large audience that listens carefully to each and every word that you say. Explainer videos can highlight the problem your non-profit organization is trying to solve. 

5. Consumer goods industries  

Finally, just like all of these other industries, consumer goods industries can benefit from explainer videos as they can explain key products or highlight important services of a brand or company. 

Example explainer videos for certain industries

Let’s now look at some example explainer videos for these specific industries that were mentioned above. 

1. Tech industry example: Mulesoft. 

Sometimes a company will explain a key concept. In this explainer video by Mulesoft, they use visuals and storytelling to describe very simply and plainly, what an API is. 

2. Medical industry example: Lifekey. 

Lifekey wearables are built to make life more secure and safe. In this video, creating bright and smooth visuals contributes to making the video more digestible and clear, increasing the possibility for people to absorb the message. The video also shows where the product is useful. 

3. Finance industry example: Mastercard.

Keeping it simple is the best advice you could get if you’re making an explainer video for finance businesses. This explainer video by Mastercard is simple and understandable.  

4. Non-profit organization example: ICMC animation by SmartCuts Creative.

We recently produced a 2-part video for the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) whose mission is to protect the rights and dignity of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. Animation was the best option for this project as we needed to show different places (like people crossing the sea in the middle of a storm).  

5. Consumer goods industry example: Spotify – Anchor Explainer Video.

This video highlights Spotify’s Anchor all-in-one platform where you can create, distribute, and monetize your podcast from any device, for free. The simplicity of the video is key. What’s more, the video is very short and understandable, so you get a glimpse as to what the platform and service has to offer very quickly. 

Podcast recommendations: explainer video production 

Like in our previous blog post on types of corporate video content, we included a section, detailing podcast recommendations. They say knowledge is power. The more you know, the more you will be able to control events. So, we’re going to provide you now with some of our recommendations surrounding the topic of explainer videos. Hopefully these will help you out: 

  • Marketers in Capes. Episode: Ingredients for a perfect explainer video with Adam Lisagor. In this episode, Adam Lisagor lists three key ingredients for every explainer video. 
  • Wishup podcast. Episode: what are explainer videos, and how can they help your brand? This podcast, hosted by Andre Oentoro, is great because if you are more visual, you can also watch it as an interview on YouTube. This podcast is only 30 minutes, so if you don’t have that much time on your hands, this is a great listen. 


Video marketing is such a powerful tool that’s being utilized by so many different businesses, whether they are small or big. Explainer videos are cheap and can communicate your ideas effectively. What’s clear is that any industry can benefit from explainer videos. If you want to create your own videos, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can set up a free consultation for you to discuss your ideas and concepts. 

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