Virtual Events Showreel

Watch our virtual event showreel. This video shows samples of some of the work we have done in virtual event production, both in studio and on location. Virtual events are up-and-coming, and we have invested heavily to meet that demand, with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained crews. At Fullframe Creative, your virtual tour, hybrid or virtual event will be treated with all the meticulous attention to detail that it requires and deserves. 


Mazda Switzerland needed a studio near Lausanne for a virtual event. They flew in their consultant from Vienna and everyone showed up for the show, which comprised a live mix feed plus various pre-recorded segments, live Q&As, PowerPoint presentations and remote panelist interventions. This virtual event was a big success and we all had lots of fun producing it. So much so that we also put together a little souvenir for the Mazda team, and did it all again the next year.

See the full case study for this virtual event.


Day and night, for an entire week, a team of ten from Galderma practically lived at the Fullframe studio to deliver its staff around the world a virtual event they wouldn’t forget: virtual presentations, seminars with remote panelists, live Q&As, chat rooms, virtual receptions, lounges and coffee shops – the whole nine virtual yards. People loved it and, though we all ended up sleep deprived, success kept a smile on our faces.

See the case study & watch Galderma’s testimonial for Fullframe.


Product launches, panel discussions, live updates – Fullframe Creative has hosted a number of virtual and hybrid events for Medtronic, especially since the pandemic hit in 2020. We key in virtual sets, send live streams to broadcast platforms as well as partner studios abroad for this medical multinational.

See the full case study for this virtual event.

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Case Study 1 – Mazda

Virtual Event for Mazda Switzerland

Virtual events can be daunting, both in pre-production and when the cameras start rolling. That’s why we were relieved to discover that our assigned partner for this event, an agency based in Vienna, had sent a pleasant and competent producer.

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This virtual event was not only a professional success, but also a fun time on a personal level, with a group of easy-going and yet competent people who knew how to work hard and play hard. They knew how to show their appreciation and we all ended up with champagne glasses and confetti in our hair.

Our role in this event was less focused on content than on technical advice and delivery. We took care of providing the venue (our green screen studio and accompanying lounges), feeds for outside support staff to watch, and, of course, all cameras and technical equipment to key in a virtual set live, both for pre-rec sessions and live feeds. 

The Mazda team were a relaxed, friendly group of people who knew how to have a good time on set, even when it got a bit hot and long to be under the lights. Their live event involved live Q&As, PowerPoint presentations in virtual sets, remote panelists joining staff in studio via Zoom, as well as various pre-recorded elements, which we fed into the mix.

Virtual Events Case Study 2 – Galderma

Hybrid Event for Galderma, Lausanne

The pharmaceutical company Galderma was looking for a studio close to their new Lausanne headquarters out of which to run an international virtual event.

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International not only because its audience was spread out around the world, but also because it would require synergy between our studios and an audiovisual partner in Chicago. They came to visit and we sat their management team in a virtual set keyed live in our green screen studio.

Between that and the spacious lounge we put at their disposal, they weren’t hard to convince. A few weeks later, the whole Fullframe technical team had intercom headsets on, talking to our partner in Chicago to send video and audio feeds back and forth, day and night. We did live and pre-recorded sessions during this virtual event, as well as Q&As and last-minute video editing to feed the broadcast that, on and off, lasted a whole week.

! Bear in mind as you watch this testimony that Fullframe was born of a merger with the SmartCuts Creative agency.

It was not an easy job, but very rewarding in that the collaboration with Galderma staff was fun, friendly and effective, while that with our US partner was just as successful. We learned a few precious lessons to make such events go even more smoothly. Galderma was very pleased with the service they got.

virtual event case study 3 – Medtronic

Studio virtual event for Medtronic in Lausanne

Medtronic is a regular client of Fullframe Creative’s. We have been providing audiovisual support to the multinational company for years now.

Read Medtronic’s review of Fullframe Creative.

As virtual and hybrid events became more and more in demand, we began providing this service, often in concert with a firm in the UK called Outlook Creative. The type of mandates differed, but it was most often a sit down interview set up, with a virtual set keyed in for the stream. Sometimes we had two separate sets going at once in the studio, so as to be able to switch virtual sets during the live event. Some events were hosted on Zoom.

Others via alternative virtual events and streaming platforms, such as Clevercast, LiveU and Vimeo. Fullframe Creative also collaborates with the local events company Imavox to deliver high-end virtual and hybrid events and webinars. For Medtronic, virtual events normally revolve around product launches or panel discussions to update clients and staff.

Given we regularly work for this client, we have all branding and guidelines on hand, as well as access to their video assets, so that if any pre-recordings or post-production work are needed around a live event, there are no delays and fewer risks.

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Q&A on Virtual, Hybrid Events and Webinars

Why Virtual Events?

Virtual events and webinars are here to stay. Access to technological equipment and communication software applications exploded in the last 20 years. As of 2020-21 it has been normal for employees with computer-centered occupations to work remotely and communicate with their network of clients and coworkers via video conferencing tools. Families are also using video calls, bringing telecommunication to a whole new level. Grandparents are reading picture books to grandchildren, friends are having virtual movie nights, and groups are gathering for the holidays around digital dinner tables.

Everyone knows how to “join the conversation”. Virtual events and webinars, whether in person or digital, need to be planned. They vary in theme, tone, and purpose. The range is endless and includes conferences featuring educational seminars and eminent speakers to dramatic presentations, musical concerts, and sports competitions. All virtual events and webinars depend on two essential components; being able to see and hear each other clearly!

Why Virtual Events with Fullframe?

Fullframe Creative knows how to plan and execute any size of Virtual Event or Webinar that you have in mind. We will tailor the video and audio support to your specific needs. Fullframe Creative will deploy a production crew of the size and skill you require to shoot high-resolution video and record high-quality audio, both of which your virtual event or webinar attendees will appreciate.

Go big with multi-camera set-ups, live mix and projection on big screens, cranes, steadicams, and other specialized equipment. We also facilitate branding and graphic design support, such as animated titles, name credits, and logo watermarks. Fullframe Creative will take on any challenge, so if you are not sure how to make your concept a reality, we are here to support you, especially in the early planning stages. Contact us and find out all the options available to make your virtual or hybrid event and webinars effective and unique. We might have something new that you haven’t seen before!

How does it work?

We begin with a project brief and a kick-off meeting. At this stage, we nail down the data points and objectives of your unique virtual / hybrid event or webinar. The theme and scope are hashed out, including, where and when your event is taking place, and who and how many attendees you are expecting. Virtual / hybrid events and webinars diverge in the planning process from the other types of video and animation projects we produce.

The online user interface that creates a digital bridge between you and your audience is just as important as the content. Fullframe can connect you through satellite uplink or internet server transmission, simultaneous web streaming to YouTube, Facebook, or any platform(s) of your choice, and with video integration on Zoom and other platforms. Fullframe Creative is at your service and we know it is our job to make you look good. We aim to have an invisible presence at your event by making sure everything is working as planned and as practiced. Get in touch and we’ll get you ahead of the game!

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