Event Hosting – Presenters & Moderators Showreel

Watch our showreel for samples of what we’ve done in event hosting and moderation. This is a compilation of scenes from mandates that we were assigned that will give you a sense of the experience Fullframe Creative has providing this kind of service.


Every year, UEFA mandates Fullframe to liven up the committee chairmen presentations at the football association’s annual corporate congress. This time, we proposed using two of our go-to hosts, Arianne Alcorta and Tony Johnston, who nailed the energy and poise inside our own video studio

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Geneva Health Forum

Talking about global health has never been more crucial in the modern era, and there is no better place to discuss it than at the Geneva Health Forum. Presenter and moderator Arianne Alcorta acts as host for the event each year.

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World Heart Federation

The World Heart Federation regularly reaches out to Fullframe for on-camera hosts, presenters and moderators that can organize panel discussion, drive crucial talking points about cardiovascular disease, and lead live conversations with medical experts worldwide.

See the full case study.

Image showing a woman moderator to illustrate the event moderator, presenter and event hosting service offered by Fullframe creative agency studio in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland for the purposes of creative communication.

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Case study – event moderator, presenter & host service

Video production for UEFA

Presenters for UEFA

Every year, the European Football Association, UEFA, mandates Fullframe Creative to come up with a new  video concept to do the same thing: update all 19 of UEFA’s committees on what each has achieved, and is planning to achieve, in months to come.

To keep things fresh, we strive for a different angle each time. Initially it was an animated Panini type book with the chairmen introduced as if they were players, and their agendas and accomplishments listed. Then we mixed it up with lots of covering footage of the game itself, focusing on the various activities each committee deals with. One year, we decided to couch the whole affair as something approaching a sports newscast from our studio.

Read UEFA’s review of Fullframe Creative.

Presenter and moderator Arianne Alcorta played the female host, while the talented Tony Johnston offered the male counterpart, passing the ball, so to speak, to each other, and keeping things moving from one committee to the next. It takes a particular skill to pull off presenter work like this. Charisma is, of course, essential, but so is sheer camera presence, which is more innate than anything else. A good TV host or moderator must be well-informed, always very attentive, able to think quickly, improvise and deliver a dynamic performance that draws viewers and participants out of their shells. A good presenter, in a project like this one, must give off a natural glow, finding just the right balance between the theatrical and the natural. Not easy, but Tony and Arianne have it down pat. The video came out very well, and UEFA gave it two thumbs up.

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Case study – event moderator, presenter & host service

Mediators for the Geneva Health Forum

Event Moderation for GHF

Every two years, the 3-day conference brings together health professionals, advocates and policymakers from all over the world.

They discuss solutions to vital global health challenges. Covid 19 was, of course, the protagonist in the 2021 edition.

Event host and moderator, Arianne Alcorta, was in charge of coordinating, producing and moderating seven live virtual panels  (some of them back-to-back) in this fast-paced event. An experienced TV host and journalist, Arianne was in charge of doing all the research necessary, as well as meeting with the some of the panelists to carefully develop the key talking points before each panel. She then led each conversation on camera from a television studio created for this specific event, while at the same time encouraging and inviting the audience to participate.

Read GHF’s review of Fullframe Creative

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Case study – event moderator, presenter & host service

Hosts for the World Heart Federation

Panel Moderating for WHF

Cardiovascular disease is still the leading cause of death in the world. In order to revert this, the World Heart Federation (WHF) is raising awareness about all of the factors that impact heart health – especially during the COVID 19 era. Our regular presenter, host and moderator, Arianne Alcorta, is in charge of researching the main topic for each assigned webinar, developing the most pertinent talking points, and leading each live discussion to ensure the conversations are well rounded and engaging.

Arianne’s experience as an international TV host and presenter has turned her into the ideal fit for this role. For online events, a good host or moderator is particularly important, as the audience is not live in the theatre, so to speak, and extra effort needs to be made to keep them engaged. Being a good moderator is as much about knowing how to keep an audience hooked, as it is about listening to the panelists and driving the discussion forward. It’s about multi-tasking: keeping an eye on the clock, making sure the conversation stays focused, avoiding conflicts and redundancies, asking the right questions. Lots of moving parts.

The World Heart Federation keeps coming back to Fullframe Creative for help moderating its panels because we deliver competent, quality service every time. Experience is key, and our two in-house moderators have plenty of it. If you need a presenter, host for an event or moderator for a panel discussion, don’t hesitate to call for some free advice.

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Q&A on Events Hosting

Why Event Mediators?

All events that revolve around open discussions, particularly if these have an audience in attendance, can tremendously benefit from having a third party lead the way. By third party we mean someone not personally invested in the outcome of the discussion; a neutral party there just to make sure that those who do have stakes can discuss without getting too heated or off topic.

And by lead the way we don’t mean tell anyone what to say or do, but rather to direct the conversation so that it keeps moving along without getting bogged down in technicalities between two participants to the detriment of everyone else, to serve up but one example. A good host, moderator or presenter knows what the talk is about ahead of time, and can ask the right questions to steer the conversation in the right direction.

Why at Fullframe?

As a creative communications agency active in the Lake Geneva region, we have plenty of opportunities to ply this trade. Events abound in the area with all the international agencies, sports federations and multinational companies settled here. So our hosts, presenters and moderators have plenty of experience. Fullframe Creative was also built by a former journalist with time spent acting as moderator for the United Nations.

It follows that this skill is inherent to the company’s DNA, and those recruited to take over have been carefully picked. Event hosting, panel moderation and presenter work, whether live or for recorded video production, is a service Fullframe is promoting in particular, convinced that demand will only grow as people need to communicate more and more to solve problems and keep the world moving forward.

How does it work?

Give us a call, or write us an email. We’ll put you in touch with one of our presenters, hosts or moderators, depending on exactly what service you require. We have both male and female presenters, and we can provide moderating and hosting services in numerous different languages.

Once the member of staff has taken your brief, you can get on call to further define the scope of the mission. We then present you with a detailed quote and, hopefully, preparations begin. These will, of course, involve the presenter, host or moderator in question, doing plenty of research prior to your event.

We make it a point to keep communications clear and regular, so that you feel confident you have a responsive and attentive partner building up to your event. When the action starts, it will go smoothly because our presenters know what they’re doing. You can focus on other important aspects of your event and not have to worry about the moderator or host.

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