Fullframe Drone Video Production Showreel

Drone Video Production Service – Watch our drone video showreel. This shows samples of our work and provides a sense of how important and impactful drone footage can be when used in creative communications.


For this video showcasing the company Rhiva and its flagship engine, we drove a Porsche all the way from the source of the Rhine to the estuary. Every step of the way, drone videography was the name of the game. Some situations were challenging; others on the fringes of the law.

Watch this video and read the full Drone Video case study.

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PBS Newshour

Creative is regularly contacted by media outfits and production companies based abroad. In this case the American TV Channel PBS needed drone videography done in Lausanne for a documentary. It was a great opportunity to gather some beautiful footage of the city and PBS were very pleased with the footage we sent. Here’s a short sample.

Watch this video and read the full drone video case study.

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Every summer in early August, the Perseid meteor shower takes place – a phenomenon very visible from Earth. To allow its citizens to better enjoy the view, and to mark an effort to reduce light pollution, the Lausanne Greater Metropolitan Area decided to switch off public lighting at night. They wanted to document the event on video. Drone videography was, of course, a must.

Watch this video and read the full Drone Video case study.


Fullframe Creative is often mandated to shoot drone footage for companies, of their campuses, factories, buildings and more. Here is a sample taken from a shoot we did for Nespresso to provide them with broll of their factory in Romont (no audio, as these were shots gathered and compiled for further editing for Nespresso).

Watch this video and read the full Drone Video case study.

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Drone video gallery

Drone Video Case Study

Rhiva Corporate Video

Showcase Video for Rhiva

We like to say at Fullframe that there is no length we won’t go to for our clients, but in this corporate video for the Rhine Valley Motor Company (Rhiva), we very nearly crossed the line. It was dusk, the sun was hitting a turn in the Rhine river at just the right angle, everything was perfect for the last drone shot needed to wrap up this production.

Only trouble was, in order to pull off the shot, the drone had to fly over a major road, a no-no in Germany, as in most countries. Our drone videographer took the risk and got the shot, minutes before the police pulled over and threatened to fine and confiscate if he and his driver didn’t take that Porsche Taycan and drive right back to Switzerland, which they did.

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In the last 48 hours, they’d driven all the way from the source of the Rhine in the Alps down to its mouth in Holland in a rented Porsche because it boasted the clients high-performance electrical drive unit, which we were to promote in this video. To achieve that, we needed some impressive scenery because Rhiva also wanted the video to link its brand to the Rhine. Time was of the essence because the weather window was closing to meet the production deadline.

The drone videographer got the footage the editors needed, except for that ship leaving the harbor in Holland, which the storyboard called for. But where there’s a wheel there’s a way, so they parked the Porsche in front of a perfect spot at the harbor where they would have loved to see a ship leaving. Then they went elsewhere to shoot that ship and they told the editors when back in Switzerland, “Time to pull off a bit of magic,” which the editors did, amalgamating two shots to get exactly what the client wanted. Bingo!

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Drone Video Case Study

PBS Aerial Shots

Drone Video for PBS Newshour

The American TV channel PBS Newshour reached out to Fullframe Creative to get some drone video shots of Lausanne. They needed these for a documentary and, as many companies abroad, they found us online and saw that we do a lot of video production work in English.

We quickly established what needed to be done and went about planning the drone shoot. The only catch is that Lausanne sits right smack in the middle of a busy air traffic lane running to the Blecherette Airport.

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Needless to say, permissions were an issue. But we’re starting to know the air traffic controllers there and they were helpful.
We flew the drone in the early morning and got great views of the town from different angles. PBS was pleased and another successful drone video mission was accomplished

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Drone Video Case Study

SIE drone videography

Drone video project for SIE

The Perseides is a phenomenon not all that well-known, but certainly worth knowing about because it’s an accessible display of the wonders of the cosmos.

Every year in early August a meteor shower occurs way out there, and for those who might not know, that’s what shooting stars are: meteors hitting our atmosphere and bursting into flames.

I would love to say that we flew a drone up there to capture the scene in 4k, but alas drone videography is still some ways off that sort of feat. Our drone camera was not turned upward, but rather at the ground, at the request of the Intercommunal Electricity Service of the Greater Lausanne Metropolitan Area. They decided to turn off street and public lighting during this special time of year to diminish light pollution and offer residents a sharper view of those shooting stars.

Our job was to make the before and after apparent and to generally promote the event. This was no cake walk. First, a significant part of the journey we were asked to fly was…a no fly-zone. The last thing the Blecherette Airport in the North of Lausanne wants is rogue drones crisscrossing the air when planes are coming and going at low altitude.

Second, in order to accomplish our mission, we had to fly pretty much the exact same route twice; once on an ordinary night, and again when the street lamps had gone off. And finally, when those lights did go off, the heavens let loose with gale force winds, rain and scudding clouds.

It won’t come as a surprise for you to read that we nearly lost a drone. Actually, the drone videographer did lose it. At one point he turned to the driver who was ferrying him along the route a few hundred meters below the drone and said, “I have no idea where it is.”

After over 20 minutes trying to pick up the signal again, the duo drove back to the starting point and lo, there was an old man holding our drone. “It hovered here, a meter above the ground, for ages and then just landed, so I came to pick it up, poor thing.” Lesson of that story: always set a home point when you fly a drone. In the end, we got the footage we needed and the client was happy. Mission accomplished!

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Drone Video Case Study

Nespresso factory in drone video

Drone Video for Nespresso

Nespresso needed covering footage of its factory in Romont, in the canton of Vaud, among other locations. As a regular provider of video production for the company, we were asked to go shoot the broll, notably using a drone to capture an overview of the site.

Our drone pilot is experienced in shooting aerial footage of campuses and buildings, whether for such purposes or for more specifically architectural or real estate promotion reasons. In this case, as fairly often, it wasn’t easy to find the right weather window for the drone video shoot, but we got lucky.

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At Fullframe we are also fully familiar with the limitations and permissions to be obtained to shoot drone video. Often, for factory or campus shoots, we must begin with an internal process, asking our focal point at the company to check with their own security services to clear the flight. Then, we make sure the area isn’t under any restrictions, such as aerial corridors near airports. We have a well-oiled workflow for obtaining any necessary clearance to fly from the local authorities.

Read Nespresso’s review of Fullframe Creative for this Drone Video production.

Why aerial and drone video?

Aerial and drone video and drone photography involves the production of visual media with an airborne device. These include unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), such as drones, or piloted airplanes and helicopters. Aerial media can be categorized as either vertical or oblique. Vertical aerial images are captured at a 90-degree angle to the ground and oblique aerial images are captured at a shallower angle, and usually from lower elevations. Drones can also provide hover-style shots close to the ground or subject, such as above a crowd, where the viewer of the final video is given the perspective that they are floating.

Image showing a drone video to illustrate the realization service offered by Smartcuts Creative in Geneva and Lausanne for creative communication purposes

Small drones can be used both indoors and outdoors, and for streaming live events. Aerial visual data also has scientific and commercial applications, employing a technique called aerial photogrammetry. Aerial photogrammetry uses multiple images to create precise digitized, high-resolution 2D and 3D models. It is hard to deny how impressive aerial video is every time it is incorporated into both technical or artistic visual media productions.

Why aerial / drone video with Fullframe?

Aerial / drone video has always wowed, while giving an edge and a professional feel to any video production. It’s the perspective it gives, the smooth, epic motion through expansive landscapes, and the breath-taking fly-bys. When properly done, aerial / drone video shots really help tell your story by giving viewers a sense of place and space. These shots beautifully reveal where the action is happening by showcasing natural locations and architecture. Aerial and drone video is an ideal complement to any corporate video production. This style of video footage is also very effective in documentaries, sports videos, video advertising, and cultural and music videos. We have even used it to great effect in live events coverage by flying drones indoors. Aerial video can also have more practical applications, such as industrial or agricultural surveillance and topography, and much more.

Image showing a drone video to illustrate the realization service offered by Smartcuts Creative in Geneva and Lausanne for creative communication purposes.

Fullframe Creative drone videographer, Jean Chessex, has over 200 hours of drone filming under his belt. This experience has cost us a few drones, but as the old saying goes, no pain no gain. You now reap the benefits: when Jean shoots for you, the sky’s the limit.

How does it work?

If you need aerial or drone video footage, Fullframe Creative wants to hear from you. When you contact us, we will begin by taking the first steps in our workflow. It is extremely important to us that we provide you with the video footage you want, so we have learned how to be great listeners. We listen to your video production goals, including cost and timeline, and confirm our shoot plans with you through scripts and storyboards. Shoot days are well planned with the right crew, the right equipment, and backup contingencies.

Image showing a drone video to illustrate the realization service offered by Smartcuts Creative in Geneva and Lausanne for creative communication purposes

Our hard-earned confidence from 10 years of video production experience creates a relaxed but efficient work environment. Fullframe Creative is staffed with people who are passionate about video production, so we’ll have some fun too! Our teams know all the steps involved, from pre-to-post video production, and we work as a collaborative collective. Our crews know how to find the best shot and collect b-roll so that post-production editors have everything they need to pull together a phenomenal final cut that truly conveys your message or tells your story. When Fullframe Creative uses aerial / drone video in production, we let our creativity soar, and the sky’s the limit.

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