Do you want to strengthen your corporate culture, strengthen ties between employees, involve everyone in the project and the life of the company? It is essential to equip yourself with a good internal communication tool. Internal communication helps to unite and build loyalty among your teams. And if you do it well, you can even turn your employees into ambassadors of the company. But how can you optimize your internal communications? Video can definitely do that for you. In this article, we’ll look at the five reasons to use corporate video for your internal communications. Let’s keep reading! 

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1. The importance of video
2. The benefits of video for internal communications
3. Types of internal comms videos
4. Example internal communications videos

The importance of video in today’s digital world 

Forms of video are consumed pretty much daily by most people around the world. But why is video so attractive for so many people? In this next section, we’ll look at the importance of video. In the following video by Video Supply, they illustrate five videos that every business should produce. Video Supply believes that video is the most powerful way to monetize your message, stand out and grow your business. Whether it’s a video ad or social media video, there are many different types of videos that a variety of businesses, no matter the industry they specialize in, can benefit from. 

Some might say it’s basic psychology. Your eyes are attracted to movement, so videos naturally draw attention. People are over 27 times more likely to click on an online video ad than a static banner ad. By creating and sharing engaging videos on YouTube, businesses can attract and engage potential customers, building brand loyalty and trust. 

The benefits of video for internal communications

Internal communications is keeping employees connected and informed, and creating a shared understanding of company goals, values and guidelines. Internal comms are critical to keep employees up-to-date on companies’ initiatives and more. So how can video be beneficial for internal communications? Before we look at the benefits of video for internal communications, take a look at this great example onboarding video by Deloitte. 

Within a company, every time you communicate with employees, you are competing for their attention amongst work, calls, and online meetings. Therefore, we must be more and more creative in order to capture those minutes of attention. Videos have all the characteristics to achieve this:

  • Video can condense a large amount of information or data told in a pleasant, simple way and in a language that our audience can understand.
  • In a few minutes we can achieve a great impact and get the message across in a timely manner.
  • Images, music, interviews, voice-over, design and editing make up a combo that is hard to resist.

5 reasons to use video for internal communications 

Furthermore, communication professionals cannot live without videos. The Internet has changed the media system and has turned video into an essential format. Here are some key points about the benefits of video: 

  • Videos are easy to share. 
  • Videos can appeal to various learning styles. 
  • Videos are cost and time-effective. 
  • You create better connections with your employees. 
  • You make your information more digestible.

Types of internal comms videos

An image for the blog post about using video for internal communications. This infographic shows some statistics about the importance of visuals according to employees.

Now that you’ve seen some of the benefits that come with videos for internal communications, let’s look at the various types of internal comms videos that you can produce for your own company. 

Here are various types of internal communications videos you can create today: 

  • Announcement videos. These videos are great to show your employees that you care. Videos ensure that employees retain messages. 
  • Company culture. You can showcase your company’s values in videos like these.
  • Promotion for events. Things like newsletters are not always read by all employees. Videos are much more engaging and you can ensure more attendance at your events. 
  • CEO update videos. For any updates to the company, these types of videos are great for employees. You could, for example, produce an end of year video, summing up all the projects that the company completed.  
  • Demo or training videos.

Example internal communications videos

SmartCuts Creative has compiled a list of exemplar internal communications videos. Here is the list below. If you want more guidance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us about producing your next internal communications video. 

1. Netflix – company culture video. 

No scripts. No guidance. In this video, you hear from some of Netflix’s employees discussing flexibility around work and vacation. The free discussion showcases the company’s culture as well as effortlessly allowing different employees to be heard. 

2. Foresters Financial – an introduction video.

In the following video, you really get a feel for what you should expect from Foresters Financial. A video like this one is great for new hires. 

3. Gallagher – internship orientation video.

Gallagher’s summer internship program offers a comprehensive “learning by doing” experience within a creative and dynamic work environment. By interviewing interns directly, other students can gain a better understanding of the benefits of this specific internship program. 

These were just some examples of what internal communications videos can look like. There are so many other options though, and each company will benefit from a different type of internal communications video. 


To conclude, videos are great for companies and more specifically, for your internal communications. Videos are easily digestible for employees and you can easily share these internal comms videos to your staff. Videos are also engaging and can help grab our employees’ attention. More importantly, it can make employees feel empowered and heard. If you want guidance on producing internal communications videos, you can reach out to us. We can set up a free consultation with our producers at SmartCuts Creative. In the meantime, take a look at our corporate video showreel, highlighting some key videos we have produced with clients like BOBST, UEFA and Pepsico, to name a few. 

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