Behind the scenes with SmartCuts Producer Dominique Lambert on UEFA’s 2022 corporate congress video.

When discussions with UEFA began back in early February, the client was seeking a six-minute corporate video to introduce the 19 members of the UEFA Committee . These are 19 members who oversee every facet of the beautiful game, from ensuring that the highest refereeing standards are maintained to the implementation of the UEFA Women’s Champions League frameworks and beyond. The goal was to examine the achievements of the committees and to look ahead to what’s next whilst continuing to support the pillars of the UEFA Strategy.

A corporate video production challenge

The challenge was to hatch an idea that was different from those used in previous years. SmartCuts Creative has been doing UEFA’s annual congress corporate video since 2019.
This year, we wanted to produce something that, above all, had some serious stand-out appeal — we wanted a concept that harnessed some of the latest techniques in corporate video production with a fresh contemporary feel. Hence we looked at presenting the committee update in the form of virtual event, using presenters and our green-screen studio.

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