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Video content is a powerful tool for you to use for business and the promotion of your brand, services and products. YouTube, as a platform, has more than a billion users. That’s almost a third of all people using the Internet. According to Thomas J. Law (2020), “each day these users watch a billion hours of video, generating billions of views.” If this hasn’t convinced you enough already, reports on video marketing reveal that 81% of people are persuaded to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. So, video adverts can really boost the sales for your business. Today, we’re discussing all the tips and tricks to create a video advert that markets your products effectively, resulting in eventual sales. Let’s get into it! 

Product video ads

1. What are video adverts ?
2. The benefits of video adverts
3. Types of product video ads
4. Tips for creating a video advert that sells

What are video adverts?

Video advertising involves creating content to be distributed on the Internet in the form of videos. There are different methods of placement for video ads. For example, video ads can be inserted before or in the middle of a video, like on YouTube.These are called pre-roll ads or mid-roll ads. In most cases, you can skip the advertising video yourself after a few seconds if you do not want to watch it. Of course, it is an advantage if the advertisement also matches the content of the video. In this way, the viewer is interested and the promotional video is not perceived as annoying or out of place.

Before moving onto the benefits of video advertisements, you can take a quick look at this video for some quick tips regarding making video ads.

What is a product video?

A product video can be made in different formats. But essentially, a product video is a video that aims to reveal your product’s features and how it works. Product videos are usually made  in relation to physical products, but you can also create product videos for services. Here’s an example product video, by Apple, introducing their iPhone 14 Pro. 

How can video adverts be beneficial for marketing products?

As established, video content can be an extremely useful tool if produced effectively and targeted towards the correct market. Whilst there are endless benefits to list, here are 5 benefits to video advertising for your products and brands: 

  • Video boosts conversions and sales. Adding a product video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. What’s more, users who have watched an explainer video about a product or service have then gone on to buy it. 
  • Video builds trust. For sales and conversions to happen, trust is essential. Content marketing is all about creating long-term relationships with clients and your target market. Videos can ignite emotions and humanize your brand.
  • Google loves videos. There’s a simple reason why: Consumers prefer video content to long blog posts. In fact, researchers found that videos were 53 times more likely than other web pages to receive first-page ranking. 
  • Implementing promotional videos shows you keep up with trends. Video marketing is a modern way of promoting your brand and company. Customers appreciate businesses who keep up with the times because it means they are relevant. 
  • Video is a versatile medium. There are so many different types of video ads, which means you can alter the video depending on your goal and industry that you specialise in. Some types of video ads include: product demonstrations, how-to videos, and customer testimonials

Types of product video adverts

Let’s take a look at some types of product video adverts and examples. By looking at examples, you’ll build an understanding of what works and what might work better for your business specifically, depending on your industry. 

Marketing videos are defined by a style with a particular focused goal. Cadesign Form has usefully categorized three main types: 

  • Videos that create awareness – Entertaining, memorable videos that will stay in the minds of your target audience a long time after viewing. 
  • Videos that educate the consumer – These can provide instruction on how to best utilize a product or achieve the best results from a service. 
  • Videos that increase audience engagement – These will invite or include consumers to participate in discussions, leave comments, or provide some other form of valuable input. 

Out of these three types, educating the consumer is an appropriate type for product video adverts. Now that we’ve defined types of marketing videos, consider these 2 different styles of video you can use to promote your products and brand
  • Teaser product video. In general, most commercial videos that promote a product are teaser videos. They aim to tap into viewers’ emotions. Take this Lindt chocolate advert where the raw chocolate is swirling and being made to make the perfect final product. The customer is then seen happily eating it. Being short and sweet, teaser product videos are great to show the magic of your product and keep the viewer engaged. 
  • Explainer video. Explainer videos describe what is behind your product. They highlight the product’s best qualities whilst explaining the problem it solves. An explainer video gives more information than a teaser video would. Take a look at this explainer product video SmartCuts did for DuPont for their Clear Tedlar solar panel technology. 

Tips for creating a video advert that sells

To create products that sell quickly and or of demand, video ads can be a great and cost-effective way to do it. Here we’ve listed some tips to help you make effective video ads that promote your new products. 

1. Make the first few seconds count.

The first few seconds of your video are crucial. If you want your potential customers not to skip your ad, it is advisable to grab their attention right away. Create a video ad in which the introduction is a statement or image that sparks the interest of your target market. 

Strive to grab your audience’s attention in the first ten seconds of your video. You can do this by pointing out a common problem, sharing anything that makes your startup unique, or asking some relevant questions. Sometimes, you will find video ads that don’t have audio. Therefore, starting your video ad with great and exciting visuals is crucial to influence viewers and gain their interest. 

2. Pay attention to the length of your video advertisement. 

We strongly recommend that you do not turn your video ad into a documentary. If you go online, you will see that most video ads are 30 seconds or less, which is the optimal length for a digital video ad.

If you are leveraging video for branding, opt for longer videos, as they are more effective. For example, if you share a story about your product in a video with a company representative or a customer, use the video ad creator to keep the video longer. 

3. Use a call to action. 

All ads aim to motivate and incite the audience to take a quick action, and your video ad should be no different. The best way to do this is by adding a CTA (call to action) through graphics, text or footage.  

Typically, using the CTA at the end of the video is recommended. For example, tell the audience how to visit your website for more details, buy your products and services and sign up for discounts. 


So, to conclude this comprehensive guide on product video advertisement, keep all these tips in mind when planning and creating online video ads for your products and brand. Big things take time. So be patient, follow your passion and create engaging videos. If you need more guidance on creating video adverts for your products, feel free to get in contact with us. To see a full list of the services we offer as a creative communications agency, take a look at our homepage

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