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Here’s how viewers can become your customers through Video Ads.

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Did you know, “consumers only retain 10% of what they’ve read, but up to 95% of a video they’ve seen?” (522 Productions, 2022) You can imagine the importance of videos in marketing then.

But videos are here, there and everywhere in today’s digital world. It’s great when you know there’s a need and desire for videos. But what if you want your video to really stand out? If you want to learn how to turn viewers into customers through video ads – and make them devoted to your brand – you’re in the right place. 

Find ways to embrace loyal customers through video ads:

1. Introducing Video Ads
2. Why Videos for Marketing Campaigns
3. Steps to Convert Viewers to Customers
4. Exemplar Video Ad made by SmartCuts Creative
5. Professional Advice
6. Final Thoughts

What is Video Advertising?

With the rise of social media in the recent decade, videos are at the forefront of marketing techniques. In its most basic sense, video advertising is all about getting your brand and products in front of as many people as possible. 
What’s more, video adverts can come in various formats, whether it’s a product overview video or customer testimonial video. Your possibilities are endless. 

Video ads will benefit your brand and business in 3 major ways

1) Increase awareness of your brand, products and company.

2) Communicate with the specific target audience. For example, for Nespresso, an international video ad might target coffee drinkers (25 – 50 years) who consume over seven capsules weekly. 

3) Accessible for more varied customers. Videos contain audios and visuals, and sometimes text, meaning all members of an audience can access the content.

With this being said, why is it that videos are really necessary for companies?

Why Marketing Campaigns benefit from Videos

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Globally, people consume so many videos a day, a week, a month. In recent years, studies have found that “online video consumption has been on the rise with the current average viewer spending 100 minutes a day watching digital videos.”

With videos being consumed so frequently by so many different types of people, the chance of your target market being met with the video is extremely high. With that, the ease of watching a video and being able to retain information from these videos, makes video advertising all the more pleasing. 

If your company isn’t already implementing video advertising into its marketing schemes for the benefit of its brand and products, then you really should consider it now. 

6 Ways to Convert Viewers to Customers through Video Ads

These six key points should be the bread and butter of producing professional, creative and unforgettable video advertisements. 

1. 10 Seconds in – and that’s all you have. 

Yes, that’s right. It seems way too short. Unfortunately, that’s all you have. It’s becoming increasingly harder and harder to grab people’s attention because we have gradually reduced our attention span.

It makes sense as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter videos average at only 21 to 34 seconds. The good thing is that it encourages us in Sales and Marketing to to really make the most of the first part of the video. 

If you’re not sure what exactly to include to make the most impact, don’t worry. As a suggestion, think about including the following: 

  • Central message.
  • Ask questions and answer with solutions.
  • Surprise them (with a statistic or quote).

2. Time – Videos should be short and sweet.

This may seem repetitive, but it’s crucial for advertising. If you really want a viewer to become a loyal customer, you want this video to be a teaser of what your brand and company has to offer.

Studies have shown that “after one minute, 45% of viewers have stopped watching.” Keep it brief is the take-away. At SmartCuts, we only keep what’s worthwhile. The rest, we cut. This is exactly what you’re looking for when producing video adverts. 

3. Know your Target Market inside and out.

A target market is the group of consumers which the product is aimed at. Do you know what your target audience is looking for? Essentially, the video should be centered around their needs and issues. 

UEFA Congress Committee 2022 2

4. Keep Professionalism in mind.

To really make viewers trust the brand enough to become not only just a customer but a faithful customer, it’s worth investing in producing a professional video. SmartCuts Creative can help you out here, with our 360° green screen studio and experienced crew. 

5. Audio shouldn’t be underrated.

Audio in film, videos and production are often left to the side and not given the same importance as other filmic qualities. Audio can really give your video that extra something.

Writers have pointed out that audio “evokes different emotions that you can capitalize on to make your brand or product associated with a certain emotion.” Linked with professionalism, decent audio is worth your time to help bring attention to your brand alongside standout visuals. 

6. Call to action!

Finally, a call to action, whether placed in the middle or end of your video, is absolutely necessary. You want viewers to go and do something after watching your video. This way, the viewer to customer conversion is better guaranteed. 

SmartCuts’ Video Ads for Nagra Kudelski Group

In recent years, we were to promote Nagra Kudelski’s (digital security and convergent media solutions company) product, Metagravy. The product allows you to search up, through your smartphone, any information about films or TV shows with metadata whilst you are watching. You can check out the video ad here.

What’s noticeable from this advert is the call to action. Here, it’s placed half-way through, when the voice over says, ‘ready to jump in?’ With this question, viewers want answers as to how to get involved with the product. Audiences are also more likely to stay gripped until the end as they have already been given a task.

Video Advertising Blog 2

Final Thoughts: How viewers can become your customers through Video Ads

While video competition increases with each year, there are still fresh ways to expand your target market and find viewers that could become future loyal customers through video ads.

Following these suggestions, you’ll be able to create outstanding video advertisements that are bound to stand above the rest.

Want more viewer to customer conversions? Try a professional Solution.

There are benefits to partnering with creative agencies, where “68% of marketers point to higher-quality videos that look more professional.” (Hubspot, 2022) Here at SmartCuts Creative in Lausanne and Geneva Switzerland, we develop highly visual and scripted concepts, tailored to your needs as our client.

Head to our Video Advertising Q&A page to find out more reasons on how you can collaborate with SmartCuts Creative on your next video advertisements.

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