Firstly, Corporate videos are audiovisual videos that are designed to provide communicative solutions for companies. They can be used for both internal and external use. First of all, we must take into account the objective of the corporate video. Corporate videos communicate quickly and effectively what the company does and what it sells. An explanatory video is often intended for a specific purpose in a corporate environment. Companies are more frequently using video marketing or professional video to communicate their new services, products, etc. In light of the rapid growth of online video consumption over the last few years, video has become a content medium that brands can no longer afford to ignore. 86% of businesses utilize video marketing. Furthermore, you can take a look at this example corporate video by Nike, where consumers get a 24-hour glimpse into their corporate locations across the globe. Seeing a behind-the-scenes of businesses is always exciting for consumers. 

For corporate videos, there are so many possibilities. Whilst you can shoot them inside, office-based videos are quite over-done. However, shooting outside means that you are weather-dependent. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we’re going to be taking a closer look at what makes a good corporate video shoot location. We’ll also briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of indoor and outdoor shoots. Let’s take a look at some great locations for your next corporate video shoot in Switzerland

In this article

1. What makes a good corporate video shoot location?
2. Comparing indoor and outdoor video shoots 
3. Three specific locations 

What makes a good corporate video shoot location? 

Firstly, if you don’t work in the industry it can be difficult to know if a room is big enough or how much noise is too much or what should be in the background. Here are some key points to consider about locations: 

  • There needs to be enough space for lights, camera and crew to fit in the space. 
  • There needs to be depth behind the interviewee.
  • The background details are extremely important. Even a plant in the background will make the shot better. 

Indoor vs. Outdoor corporate video shoots 

Furthermore, are you thinking about whether you should film your corporate video indoors or outside? We’ve got you covered! In this next section, we’ll briefly go over some of the advantages and disadvantages of both options. Next, if you want to learn more about filming outdoors, read our blog post on dealing with weather on video shoots

Advantages of indoor locations: 

  • Convenience. If it’s inside, you will have access to parking, bathrooms. 
  • You will have complete control of your environment, whether that’s lighting, make-up or camera set-ups. Just note that in some office spaces, if there are large windows, lighting might still be challenging because of the changing light that comes into the room.

Disadvantages of indoor locations:

  • If you are hiring a studio or office-space, then the cost will be higher. 
  • There have already been a lot of corporate video shoots that have been filmed inside. If you want to be different, you may want to consider filming outside. 

Additionally, you can still absolutely shoot inside and make it interesting. It’s all in the details. Take this video by Damien Cooper, for example. The interview shots that he explained are beautifully designed in terms of the decor too. Furthermore, if you’ve ever been involved in a corporate video shoot, you know very well that everything in the background makes a difference in terms of the aesthetics, and more. 

Advantages of outdoor locations: 

  • Most times, shooting outside will be free and so the cost is cheaper. Just be aware that if the land is owned by someone, there may be fees involved. 
  • Unloading and packing up camera and lighting equipment will be easy. Sometimes indoor shoots make it difficult for crews to unpack their equipment. 

Disadvantages of outdoor locations: 

  • You will have a difficult time controlling the lighting. 
  • Outdoor shoots are weather dependent. If it’s really raining, for example, you may find yourself waiting a long time.

Example indoor corporate video

For example, Netflix employees in India share their experiences and journeys with Inclusivity and Diversity at Netflix. Simple backgrounds can be the way to go. A video like this is effective and not boring because we are listening to various people talking and making each of their backgrounds different is perfect and is enough variety. 

Example outdoor corporate video

This example corporate video by Spotify quickly lets consumers know exactly what the brand is about. Additionally, one key thing to note here is that lighting can be challenging when you’re outside. Inside, you are in control of the lighting, whereas when you’re outside, you may have to adapt and that will cost you time, money and resources. 

Three corporate video locations in Switzerland

Finally, SmartCuts Creative has compiled a list of three corporate video locations. If you want to choose a natural setting as a background, here are three locations. 

1. Lake Geneva shores

Choose somewhere like Vevey. Nestlé’s headquarters are situated here. You can see in the video why this might be the perfect location, with the view of the mountains and the lake. It’s the perfect background to showcase local products, cultural activities or tourist services.

2. The city of Lucerne. 

Lucerne, famous for its surroundings and beauty, could be the perfect place for your next corporate video shoot. With stunning visuals, you are sure to entice consumers. 

3. The charming, sun-soaked resort of Villars. 

Maybe you’re thinking of producing a corporate video set in the snow? Whether it’s the summer or winter, Villars could be the place for you. Maybe your company wishes to create a campaign about animals. The excellent setting provides you with stunning backdrops. Note that this type of shooting requires a certain amount of logistics in terms of transport, accessories and management of the animal.  


Finally, choosing a location for your corporate video shoot can be challenging. But just know that the possibilities are endless. In Switzerland, the mountains and lakes provide you with stunning backgrounds for interviews and more. If you need help with producing your next corporate video, SmartCuts Creative, a creative agency based in Lausanne and Geneva, is happy to help. Reach out to us now! 

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