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Welcome to our office in downtown Lausanne

Fullframe Creative was born in Lausanne in 2009. This is where our work began in video production and animation, and though we have now moved our production studio to the outskirts of the city, we still have an office in town, where we meet clients to discuss projects and manage administrative work.

It’s a privilege to work in and around Lausanne, a beaufitful city well known as the seat of the International Olympic Committee and, of course, its famous technical university EPFL. We now count many companies based in and around Lausanne as regular clients, including the city’s universtiy hosptial, CHUV, but also Nespresso and the Swiss multinational packaging company BOBST.

Documentary in Lausanne with National Geographic

National Geographic called us up one day to say that a producer was on his way to Lausanne and needed crew to shoot two interviews and some broll (covering footage). The documentary was about flying on solar power, and the two founders of the project Solar Impulse were going to join us at Lausanne’s Blecherette Airport for the interviews.

We had little time to prepare, but the producer sure was counting on us to get it right and to give local advice: where, how, transport, parking and so on. He was incredibly cavalier, but he must have had a good feeling because his trust in us was almost disconcerting. We lived up to it, the shoot went very well, and we got a great recommendation letter from one of the world’s best known documentary outfits.

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Co-production for Nestlé in Vevey (near Lausanne)

For the second year running, we have worked with Hogarth Worldwide to co-produce Nestlé’s end-of-year video. The most recent edition featured AI-generated content. This technology is opening more and more possibilities in the audiovisual field, as in so many more. We’re excited to push the use of AI in our productions. This was a great start.

Creative content for Nespresso in Lausanne

We often worked for Nespresso while the company had its headquarters in Vidy, Lausanne. Over the years we did corporate videos, live and virtual events, photography and web and interactive design for the Swiss multinational company. We were also mandated to put together media reels and broll footage compilations, notably of Nespresso’s factory in Romont.

Every year the company also holds a competition called Gold Capsule, for which we do promotional video ads and other communications content. The event draws employees from all around the world, who converge on Lausanne, and now Vevey, Switzerland to try their luck at blind tasting the coffees they help design, market and sell.

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Corporate Promo Video for Medtronic near Lausanne

Fullframe is a long-standing partner of the Tolochenaz-based multinational Medtronic. For this customer, we regularly produce corporate videos, live and virtual events, photography and documentaries.

To view other samples of work we have done in the medical sector, please visit the page of our website dedicated to medical video production.

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Corporate Video for Nagra Kudelski

The Swiss multinational digital security company, Nagra Kudelski, is based just up the road from our studios, in the western suburbs of Lausanne. We have been working together on audiovisual production for almost ten years now. This video is among the latest, shot in our studio and put together with a combination of stock footage and archival video. It’s a classic example of B2E corporate video. We do a lot of this type of video production, in both French and English, in the Lake Geneva Region.

Live video streaming for Lausanne’s University Hospital

It came as a bit of a shock when we got the call to shoot live open-heart surgery at Lausanne’s University Hospital. This seemed a specialized type of video production that only a hospital crew would dare undertake, but, as it turned out, the CHUV’s crew was too busy and we were called in as reinforcements.

The mission was to stream an operation to surgeons around Europe who would follow a new procedure in real-time and be able to converse with the surgeon in a two-way set up. We sanitized our kit, hung a camera above the operating table with a jib and in rolled the patient. It’s not every day you get to see a heart pumping for real. We made a sped up version of the operation. Viewer discretion is advised!

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Video & animation for Lausanne’s University, EPFL

This mandate was fascinating because of its visionary understory. The idea was to communicate on a smart grid and totally digitally connected society in which a centralized brain processess masses of data in split seconds to literally orchestrate a highly-efficient ballet of smart street lights, buildings, cars and what have you.

We used a combination of animation and video to explain this ambitious project. The goal was to get truck from the federal authorities, among others, for concrete steps to go ahead. Lausanne’s federal university EPFL is known for this sort of futuristic research, and we were all too happy to be part of the adventure.

Video production for the ITA in Lausanne

The International Testing Agency is a regular client of Fullframe Creative’s. The agency regularly reaches out for video producition: training videos, corporate video and event coverage. Based in Vidy, Lausanne, the ITA recruits and trains IDCOs, or International Doping Control Officers, whom they send to sporting events around the world to “keep sports clean.”

We’re all for it, and enjoy working for their friendly and cooperative communications team. ITA speakers are often in our video production studio for shoots on green-screen too.

Virtual Event Production for Galderma, Lausanne

The dermatological company Galderma firsrt reached out to Fullframe Creative during the Covid lockdown in 2020 for virtual event production. The company needed a venue close to its headquarters in Lausanne and our 360 degree green-screen video production studio fit the bill perfectly.

We ran a virtual event for a whole week and have since kept working with Galderma on video production and various other communications services.

Watch Galderma’s testimonail video reviewing Fullframe Creative (previously SmartCuts).

More Lausanne-Based Productions

Fullframe Creative
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Maya SternMaya Stern
09:16 07 Dec 22
Lucas and his team were very professional, easy to work and good listeners. They produced a promotional video on a very technical topic in record time. We are looking forward to producing a second video with them!
Mark StuartMark Stuart
12:41 05 Dec 22
We’ve just wrapped up a series of videos for our online training course. All the filming was done at the SmartCuts studio near Lausanne and they handled the post-production as well. Fast, flexible, friendly service with great quality.
Michel CroibierMichel Croibier
08:55 24 Oct 22
We spent a full (long...) day in the green studio of Smartcuts. We were shooting a video clip for Bad Heidi (swiss rock band).Everything went perfectly. The studio is large enough and a 360° green box is available. We had access to a living room with large table, and a comfortable coffee corner. We had a closed makeup room where actors could prepare and relax.The technical team was really helpful with the lighting system.I would definitely recommend SmartCuts !Michel Croibier, DotCAST broadcast.
event indeedevent indeed
09:56 27 Sep 22
Working with SmartCuts Creative has been a very good experience. They are reliable, friendly, professional and competent. At indeed! (a premium event and full service agency based in Vienna), we often collaborate with this agency in Switzerland for live and virtual events. We can highly recommend them!
Walid FawazWalid Fawaz
10:48 19 Aug 22
We were very pleased to find a video production studio near Lausanne that was perfectly equipped for our needs: producing a series of educational videos. The team at SmartCuts Creative gave us good advice, shot and edited the videos professionally, and were generally friendly and helpful. Highly recommended!
Amit KothariAmit Kothari
05:38 20 Aug 21
We hired SmartCuts to run a shoot out of their studio. The production required a connection with our team in India. It all went smoothly and we were well pleased with the service we got. A reliable and professional company. Lucas was good with responding.
Adam SherlockAdam Sherlock
10:24 18 Dec 20
We’re based in the UK and needed a reliable audiovisual production partner in Switzerland in light of travel restrictions imposed by the Covid pandemic. SmartCuts has proved competent and valuable. We have done live production out of their studio and mandated a number of shoots now. We have been very satisfied with the service and intend to keep collaborating with this agency next year.

*Do bear in mind reading these reviews that what applies to SmartCuts applies to Fullframe. The two agencies merged in 2024.

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