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In a nutshell? Yes, every penny, but let me explain you why.

The Synology DiskStation offers you a desktop interface via any browser allowing you to access anywhere (as long as you have internet connection of course) any file within the hard drives pluged to the DiskStation.

But the magic doesn’t end there. Synology also offers you a Photo Station, a Video Station, a Surveillance Station and even a Audio Station that allow you to stream any content you want to a laptop, tablet or even a Smart TV via DNLA or dedicated apps.

Until now, I have the experience of living with a 2 bay Synology DS214play for home use and a 4 bay Synology DS414 for professional use, for about two years and a half. Both are equiped with 3tb WD Red hard drives specifically made for NAS usage. Both DiskStations had worked flawlessly, never a file have been demaged or corrupted.

I know, some models can be a bit pricey for the average consumer, but if you take in account the headaches you’ll avoid with the simple interface system, the almost lack of electricity consumption (yes, because the average Diskstation only consumes an average of 30 watts when doing heavy duty and between 10 and 12 watts in standby) and the fact that you basically have a high end server in your home that can host websites, perform automatic backups, organize your media, etc. … it’s really not that expensive. I’ll go even further and say that it was the best investment I ever did.


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