Firstly, there is no doubt that the marketing sector is closely linked to technological development. The current scenario is so oversaturated with advertising messages and impacts that brands find it really difficult to reach consumers effectively.  In this scenario, companies need, more than ever, to resort to creativity and generate big surprises to excite, impact and captivate their audience. Drone marketing has been a breath of fresh air for the communication and advertising sector, which has been able to take advantage of this technology to enhance the added value of brands.

If you feel you need some immediate inspiration, take a look at this drone showreel that was produced for Cornwall & Devon Lighthouses. These long, lucious shots exemplify the properties in the best way. In the following article, you will learn all about drone videography and how to implement this technique into your marketing campaigns. 

In this article

1. What is drone videography
2. The benefits of drone videography
3. How to implement drone videography into your marketing campaigns
4. Example marketing campaigns 

What is drone videography 

Primarily, it’s important to know that a drone is a perfect tool for recording images for audiovisual works. Thanks to this method it is now possible to achieve spectacular aerial shots that provide added value to any film production. Until now, filming images from the sky was only possible using other means such as light aircraft or helicopters. 

Drone videography has become the most popular trend in audiovisual content production and event marketing, specifically in recent years, providing a unique and attractive way to capture various types of content, which provides significant benefits to brands and organizations.

Furthermore, taking into account that video is the fastest growing and best performing type of content for all social platforms, the incorporation of drones could be key to consolidate the brand image in the production of promotional, corporate and institutional material. 

The benefits of drone videography 

So now that we’ve established some of the basics about drone videography, let’s get into the benefits of this type of filming. It’s not the drone that elevates your ability to tell stories, rather, it’s the way you use the drones to tell your story that makes your content successful. Furthermore, you can learn about this in Oliver Astrologo’s video here. 

Benefits of drone videography: 

  • They reduce production costs. To get an aerial shot, you need two things: a camera-equipped drone and its operator. What’s more, because drones are inexpensive devices, the cost of producing aerial shots is reduced to the operator’s salary.
  • High-quality videos. A drone can carry a high definition lens without any inconvenience, so no matter the altitude at which you are filming, the result will always be spectacular images.
  • Creative freedom. The operator, the chief photographer, the scriptwriters and, in general, the rest of the creative team of a studio will have more opportunity to develop their ideas. For example, if you are shooting a commercial in the city and the client requires a novel concept, the possibilities when using a drone are very broad.

How to use drone footage in your marketing campaigns 

To make your products known, nowadays you need to use social networks and mobile apps, but also to introduce novelties in your campaigns, such as drones. Thus, drone marketing is beginning to be defined as the advertising of the future. Drone videography is being used in everything. For example, global brands use drones for major campaigns. Additionally, you can take a look at this video below by Expedia to promote Amsterdam as a tourist destination.

Active advertisements

  • Drones can be transported almost anywhere. Unlike fixed advertisements, such as print brochures, TV/internet advertising or billboards, they create new opportunities to get the message everywhere and directly.
  • Some restaurants are already using drones to fly over menus in different cities. Furthermore, they can even be used in parks or buildings, making them an attractive platform for the public.

Creative campaigns

  • These devices also represent a potential for unlimited creativity, because they act as elements of art. Intel, a U.S. company that markets integrated circuits for the computer and communications industry, used 300 drones as decorative elements that were synchronized to the music of Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl LI halftime show. Once they had attracted the full attention of the audience, they displayed Intel’s trademark in the night sky.

Example marketing campaigns that use drone videography 

Now that we’ve understood the basics of drone videography, SmartCuts Creative has selected various exemplar marketing campaigns that utilize drone videography for their own benefit. 

1. Red Bull: drones and sportscars.

Compared to fixed cameras, drones are portable and versatile, offer an aerial perspective of the playing field, and produce high quality shots for sports videos like this one. 

2. Office space tours.

Drones allow you to get a 360-degree view of your place of business. This can be a great way to showcase your business to potential customers.

3. Hamptons Real Estate video.

Drone photography in real estate offers several benefits, including enhanced property views, increased property appeal, and cost-effective marketing.

4. Mazda video ad.

Car adverts can really benefit from drone videography. For any businesses that require movement in their videos, drones are an excellent choice. You can highlight the car’s smoothness and speed with drone shots. 

5. Concert video.

As mentioned, drones can be used creatively. For concerts, you can use drones to film interesting angles of the show. Drones have also been used as lights in a show, as you can see in this video showing the ODESZA’s concert. 


Please make sure to follow the rules and regulations when filming with drones. You can read our previous blog post on drone videography, or you can simply get in touch with us. If you’re filming in Europe, it’s best to reach out to a video production company as they will have all the details concerning drone videography regulations and more. You can watch our documentary showreel here to see some of the drone shots that we have produced.

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