What better people to learn from than those who invented social media? Fullframe Creative was very fortunate to be picked by Facebook’s Swiss team to work on Nestlé video ads, tailoring them to attract more viewers on the platform. During this collaboration, we learned a lot of precious social media marketing skills, spanning professional account configuration to full campaign management.

Read the full case study.


The World Health Organization has been a client of Fullframe’s since 2016. We began working on animated explainer videos for the UN agency, but soon moved on to providing social media marketing as well. This was a logical next step, of course, as we had already begun making  social media versions of the videos they ordered from us. 

See the full case study.

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US Mission to the UN

As a regular service provider for the US Mission to the United Nations, we were mandated to design, develop and run a fully-fledged social media campaign to shore up American candidate Doreen Bogdan-Martin for the top job at  the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). We created a host of assets and the social media video we produced was tweeted by the US Secretary of State.

See the full case study.

CNN Money Switzerland

In the context of our collaboration with CNN Money’s Swiss subsidiary, going back to 2019, we produced a lot of social media marketing assets, including branded content videos adapted for the network. We also worked with CNN MS on various aspects of the firm’s social media marketing service, providing a wide range of products, from content & copy writing to photos and concept design and strategy consulting.

See the full case study.

Read CNN’s review of Fullframe Creative for social media marketing.

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Q&A on Social Media Marketing

Why social media marketing?

Every brand has to produce and manage promotional media to attract new customers, communicate with current customers, and maintain the brand’s image. Nowadays, social media marketing is among the pillars of a wider creative communications strategy. Social media marketing management teams develop concepts and manage the release of advertising and content. Social media campaigns express the same message in several media forms, from direct copy, to photos, videos and animation and more.

Image showing interconnected icons in a graphic landscape to illustrate the social media marketing service offered by Fullframe creative in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland for the purposes of creative communication.

Effective social media marketing will activate a brand’s target market to support and grow that organization through sales, donations, and by sharing branded messaging. The best social media management teams will analyze the performance of strategic media campaigns through customer feedback, monitoring sales, and other measurement tools specific to that form of social media. Maintaining a brand’s image in this way will create a strong relationship between a brand and its community, and it is proven to have a direct impact on its overall long-term growth.

Why social media marketing with Fullframe?

If you don’t have an in-house social media marketing team, you can contact Fullframe Creative to take over the design and management of all of your posts and activity on the network. Over the last 10 years, we have developed strong relationships with clients who have returned to us time and again, after creating great social media content together. Fullframe Creative is ready to engage with you on individual projects, however, there is a marked advantage to having your brand’s visual story and all its graphic content hosted in one place.

Image showing the social networks to illustrate the realization service offered by Smartcuts Creative in Geneva and Lausanne for creative communication purposes

Knowing your brand’s mission and values gives us insight, and a head start, to crafting advertising concepts, writing copy and producing content for every successive digital and social media campaign. We would already have all your graphic assets, so you only need to transfer files needed for the most current projects. And that’s just one example of time and energy saved. Fullframe Creative is your top choice to create engaging social media content, oversee its publication, and analyze the engagement and response to all of your social media marketing assets. 

How does it work?

When you decide to partner with Fullframe Creative to create and manage your brand’s social media marketing assets and campaigns, you are choosing to grow your brand. Firstly, we get to know your brand’s current body of content, as well as the social media avenues you are using to communicate with your audience. From there, we can advise you as to areas that need attention and address any projects you want prioritized.

Image showing a man surfing on a smartphone to illustrate the social media marketing service offered by Fullframe creative agency studio in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland for the purposes of creative communication.

At Fullframe Creative, we exist to be at your service. Keeping our clients abreast of all developments and being responsive to feedback is an integral part of our production workflow. Partner with us to maintain a strong social media presence, and we will oversee and monitor the design and management of your social media marketing, but not just. We can also audit and cover the optimization of your website, graphic design, blog & SEO and more in pursuit of long-term growth.

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