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When a search query comes in, you want your website to come out on top. That’s the bottom line. We have been through all the ins and outs of search engine optimization, and we keep up with how those are changing all the time. That’s what gives our clients an edge. That’s what makes us proud. We’ve done it with our own website. We’ll do it with yours.

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Blogs & SEO – there is a link

Blogging helps boost SEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your audience’s questions. Blog posts that use a variety of on-page SEO tactics can give you more opportunities to rank in search engines and make your site more appealing to visitors. Search engine optimization is key for online marketing. When you hone your blog posts, you’re making your website more visible to people who are using search engines (like Google) to find your product or service.

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Image showing a fountain pen writing on paper to illustrate the SEO and blog writing service offered by Fullframe creative agency studio in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland for the purposes of creative communication.

SEO = Sales & Attention

Whether you’re hankering for sales or for awareness raising, donor support and what have you, SEO is your best friend online. It’s the link between a search query and a visit to your website. But for it to work, you need to follow many sneaky rules, not least of which, designing a website on the basis of landing pages. Let us audit your current search ranking results and optimize your SEO strategy, from website structure, content to blogging and social media integration.

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Image showing a magnifying glass on a laptop keyboard to illustrate the SEO and blog writing service offered by Fullframe creative agency studio in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland for the purposes of creative communication.

The Role of Blogging in SEO

Why would you get someone else to write your blog posts? Isn’t the whole idea to express yourself, tell your story, and so on? Well, that depends on what you’re blogging for. If your goal is to drive traffic to your website, get higher rankings and grow your business, then you might need a little help from your friends at Fullframe Creative. Blogging for SEO is an art form, and we have 10+ years of experience crafting blog posts for website performance.

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Image showing the word “blog” written on a piece of paper by a typewriter to illustrate the SEO and blog writing service offered by Fullframe creative agency studio in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland for the purposes of creative communication.

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Q&A on Blogs & SEO

Why Blogging & SEO?

A blog connected to your business is a great way to publish content writing online and build your brand. You want your blog to be known for focusing on relevant topics, providing real-life applicable information, and being written entertainingly. Ideally, you would foster habitual check-ins by having readers subscribe to your blog and send notifications when new blog posts are published. A well-read blog can create a relationship with your demographic that will differentiate your brand from its competitors. This kind of organic brand recognition is key if you want to grow or scale your business. There are several ways to funnel traffic to your blog, and by proxy, your brand’s website. A primary way to increase traffic to your blog and site is through SEO or search engine optimization. When a web page is optimized for search engines it has a greater probability of being a top result when someone searches for the subject, service, or product on that page. SEO evaluates page content, site architecture, and HTML code to determine which pages will provide that search engine users with quality content and the best online experience. Use SEO to evaluate your blog and build your website and you will increase your brand’s visibility online.

Why blogs & SEO with Fullframe?

The two biggest challenges that bloggers face are; finding time to create and promote content, and driving traffic to their blogs. Fullframe Creative has the knowledge and experience to meet these challenges. As a business owner or leader in your organization, your time should be spent doing what you do best. That means delegating the task of writing your brand’s content, as well as the task of optimizing all of your online content according to current SEO best practices. While Google’s search engine dominates with over 92% of the market, Google continues to refine its search results. They want user’s top search results to be the most informative and user-friendly websites online. There are many variables to have your site be among the top selected. SEO now includes the quality of your written content. Your word count, vocabulary, and headings are evaluated alongside the load times of your web pages. Fullframe Creative will optimize your online content, increase site traffic with a great blog, and install your brand as an online authority in your brand’s sector.

How does it work?

Fullframe Creative will meet you where you are in the process of establishing your brand online. We offer full support including website development, the production of brand visual identities, and brand style guides. We are ready to jump in and add to what you have already created for your brand’s online presence. At Fullframe Creative, we start by finding out what you have online and what your goals are. We know that spending time and money on your website and blog content without applying current SEO best practices, is a waste of precious resources. We know how to evaluate your current content, including branded social media, and can increase the return you are getting from all your efforts. There are technical components in the back-end architecture that can be tweaked and simple editing changes to the front-end content such as choosing a keyword for each of your blog entries. The benefits of building your brand’s online presence and standing out in a competitive economy are obvious. How to do that is not so obvious. Fullframe Creative takes the guesswork out of your network and the “I don’t know” out of SEO. Contact Fullframe Creative and drive more traffic to your site and blog today.

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