Department of Transport

For the Department of Transport (DOT) in Abu Dhabi, our brief was to create graphic design encompassing City & Suburbs, the Al Gharbia Local & Regional area and Al Ain City & Regional zones. We built a color-coded structure that allowed the different networks to be easily identifiable, as well as conceiving an information hierarchy that could be easily adopted across complex bus and transport timetables. These, in turn, were visually translated online, as well as in the form of downloadable apps.

See the full case study.

Graphic Design ILP image

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

For WIPO, we focused on graphic design to generate a unique digital fingerprint that became the visual hallmark of the service and was adopted for all marketing communications. A 20-page marketing brochure was designed and developed for conferences and customer use. The approach was clean, contemporary and visually engaging with minimal copy.

See the full case study.

smartcuts creative agency wipo visual case study 01

US Mission to the UN

The US Mission mandated Fullframe Creative to design and run a fully-fledged digital marketing campaign for the American candidate to the leadership of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). For Doreen Bogdan-Martin, we produced all manner of multimedia content, including graphic design, which was, of course, the basis on which much of the other content was built, including a campaign video, social media posts, banners, and much more.

See the full case study.

Image showing a sample of Graphic Design & Social Media development by Fullframe Creative Agency studio in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland for the purposes of creative communication.

EMS Calendar

A year of celebration

Gifts are tricky things to get right, particularly when your key clients are receiving them. If you’re a creative agency, some serious out of the box thinking is required to produce original, fun and impactful graphic design. We took our inspiration from the well-known Pantone Matching System (PMS), except instead of colors we used dates and events – hence the Event Matching System (EMS) was born.

See the full case study.

smartcuts creative agency ems case study 01

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Graphic design

Why Graphic Design?

Graphic design is all around us, going far beyond logos and business cards. The discipline encompasses any visual content that aims to communicate a message. Graphic designers develop their intuitive artistic eye by practicing long established design principles, based on the psychology of how visual information is perceived and interpreted. These design principles invigorate and order design elements such as color, shape, and texture, into a unified, final image conveying a message.

Corporate graphic design is grounded in the reality that we do judge “books by their covers,” so it’s important to get that “packaging” right, on brand, and on message. Something as simple as the color you choose for your logo has the potential to captivate or repel your target audience.

Graphic design, just like video production and photography, is a craft with its own journey. Designers refine their style and accumulate a visual archive that is brought to the table with every new project. Experience counts.

Why graphic design with Fullframe?

Fullframe Creative is ready to develop or add to your visual corporate persona. Graphic design projects may have stand-alone outcomes, such as a logo design, or could be graphic elements to be used as components within bigger projects, such as a corporate video or website.

It is important for us at Fullframe Creative to define our graphic design capabilities as a distinct organ within our corporate body, and not as a subsumed afterthought. We strive to provide you with clear and impactful, creative communication that receives the response and recognition you hope to achieve.

Image showing a graphic design to illustrate the realization service offered by Smartcuts Creative in Geneva and Lausanne for creative communication purposes

At FullframeCreative, we continue to strengthen our process and productions by incorporating sweeping services, such as digital and social media marketing, as well as more specific individual components like animation, and graphic design, that are executed to the highest professional quality possible. We don’t take shortcuts.

How does it work?

We want to hear from you! Talking through your goals is extremely important. Fullframe Creative has a finely tuned process that will guide us from the initial project brief all the way to handing over the final graphic design product.

Have you seen a graphic style that you connect with? Are you partial to a specific color palette? Do you already use symbology in your brand’s creative communication strategy? There are so many unique factors that can influence where we start and where we are going to end up.

While there may be timeline limitations, there is NO LIMIT to the imagination and dedication that will put at your service when you initiate your next graphic design project with Fullframe Creative.

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