According to Timm (2023), 52% of business leaders are currently using AI content generation tools to assist their content marketing efforts. Copywriting is a key part of content marketing efforts. AI copywriting is essentially computer-generated writing created using natural language processing tools. With lots of information swirling surrounding AI, you may be wondering what the future of copywriting is. Well, perhaps the answer is that AI content generators can improve your copywriting. Think of AI as an aid, rather than a remplacement. As you are reading this article now, maybe you’re wondering whether I wrote this article or if I was assisted by an artificial intelligence chatbot. I can assure you – this post was written by a human, who conducted their own research. 

So, let’s dive into copywriting and its future with AI in 2023.  

Copywriters and AI

1. What is AI copywriting?
2. What role do copywriters have? 
3. If we have AI, do we need copywriters?
4. How AI can boost copywriters
5. Top 5 AI copywriting tools

What is AI copywriting?

Can AI help you write high-quality texts for your advertising campaigns, website or blog posts? Well, before we get there, perhaps you’re wondering what AI is in the first place and how it relates to copywriting. AI is the latest buzzword in the world of writing tools. AI copywriting tools can save time and money by creating content for you with a consistent style and structure. Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence-based chatbot that interacts with users in a natural way. ChatGPT users can ask a question like Tell me about the role of copywriters, and ChatGPT will create a response. AI copywriting offers various options: writing any marketing content, proposing HTML tags, article ideas or SEO optimization. In general, this tool can be used to facilitate content writing by guaranteeing unique texts that satisfy search engines. 

But what about copywriter jobs? What will happen to them? 

What role do copywriters have?

Copywriting is the single most important part of any business. Why is that? The main purpose of copywriting is heavily linked with communication and marketing, and is ultimately to drive customers and users to act. Maybe that’s signing up to your newsletter and email list, following you on social media, or buying your products or services. Great copywriters will eventually get you to close a sale. 

Words communicate, tell, evoke, excite. Knowing how to use them in the right way and at the right time, knowing how to choose them according to the people we are addressing, is fundamental to an effective and successful communication and brand strategy. Often underestimated, people are a precious and delicate resource.

Copywriters write clear, compelling copy for various mediums (e.g. ads, blog posts, newsletters). They conduct thorough research and interviews and work with creative professionals to build marketing projects and campaigns. 

If we have AI, do we need copywriters?

So can AI copywriters replace human copywriters? In short, no is the answer. Whilst some bots are able to produce human-like content, editing work is still necessary for the content that they produce. 

As opposed to AI that does what the user wants, human copywriters do what the client needs. While doing what the client wants has its place, human copywriters can balance what the client wants and what the client needs.

Additionally, humans are better storytellers. Creativity is a great skill that humans and copywriters possess. Also, human copywriters are cost effective. Most AI copywriting tools require you to pay. A good copywriter will produce a good copy at the same cost without needing further editing. Whereas, the content that AI copywriters will make, will most likely require editing from a human anyway. 

As you can see, there are several reasons as to why copywriters are still necessary. So how can AI copywriters and copywriters work together in the same digital world? 

How AI can boost copywriters

When human copywriters partner with AI copywriting tools to create texts and content, the result is often stronger. What you can think about when it comes to AI copywriting is the fact that as a tool, it can boost human copywriters. For example, AI can produce a larger body of work at a much faster rate. So in what ways can AI copywriting boost copywriters? 

AI can enhance the skills of copywriters in the following 3 ways

  • Copywriting productivity is increased. Copywriting AIs can help writers by taking on some of the work involved in creating content. 
  • Spelling and grammar can be improved. Copywriting AIs can offer suggestions. 
  • They can generate targeted content. You can do this by instructing the AI software to write for a particular audience. 

Top 5 AI copywriting tools

Lastly, here are 5 AI copywriting tools that you can start using today. You can also check out this video by Alex Cattoni, a copywriter specialist. She discusses whether AI will replace copywriters. More specifically, 18 minutes into the video, you can learn more about how to use Jasper AI, a specific AI platform and one that we have listed below. 


So, can copywriters and AI coexist in this quickly moving digital world? Well, perhaps the answer is that AI content generators can improve your copywriting. AI should be a tool used for help, rather than a complete replacement for writing. In short, we need copywriters more than ever. Copywriters are useful for writing persuasive content, they know the importance of variation in content, and they know how to craft different content formats. What is clear is that AI is beginning to shape the landscape of digital marketing. If you want to learn more information regarding copywriting, visit our page or contact us directly. 

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